VMware Cloud Expert

iSim Labs

These simulated labs are broken down into small, consumable tasks which roll up into the lab objectives. Below, you will find the interactive simulations as well as the corresponding lab guides. If you would also like to review the lecture materials, please see the “All lecture materials” or click on the PDF or PowerPoint buttons for each lab.

Day 1

Lab 01 – Reviewing the SDDC

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Review the SDDC

Lab 02 – Working with your SDDC

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Create a Logical Network
Task 2Configure Firewall Rule for vCenter Access
Task 3Deploy Virtual Machines in VMC on AWS
Task 4Visibility & Operations

Lab 03 – SDDC Networking & Native AWS Integration

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Allow Traffic Through the ENI
Task 2Enable Public Internet Access to the PhotoAppVM
Task 3AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) Integration

Day 2

Lab 04 – On-Premises integration with VMC on AWS

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Accessing the On-Premises Environment
Task 2Restrict SDDC vCenter Access to the On-Premises Environment
Task 3Configure IPSec VPN
Task 4Modify SDDC Firewall and Test VPN Connectivity
Task 5Allow Access Between On-Premises and SDDC

Lab 05 – Hybrid Linked Mode

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Review Cloud Gateway Appliance Settings
Task 2Create an HLM Admin Group
Task 3 Configure Hybrid Linked Mode

Lab 06 – L7 Security – L7 FW, FQDN Filtering & IDPS

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Enable the NSX Advanced Firewall Add-on
Task 2Configure a Context-Aware Firewall Rule
Task 3FQDN Filtering
Task 4Distributed IDS/IPS

Lab 07 – Inter-SDDC and Native VPC Connectivity

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Create a Single SDDC SDDC Group
Task 2Connect a Native VPC to your SDDC Group
Task 3Consume a Native AWS Service Across the Transit Connect

Day 3

Lab 08, Part 1 – SDDC Migration with HCX – Deploy HCX Cloud

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Deploy HCX in the SDDC

Lab 08, Part 2 – SDDC Migration with HCX – Configure HCX Connect & Service Mesh

Task 1Configure Access to the HCX from On-Premises
Task 2Access HCX Cloud
Task 3Configure HCX On-Premises

Lab 08, Part 3 – SDDC Migration with HCX

Task 1Network Extension and Migration with HCX
Task 2Replicated Assisted vMotion

Lab 09 – Disaster Recovery with Site Recovery Manager 8.4

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Activate Site Recovery Add-on
Task 2Configure the O-Premises vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manager
Task 3Create sDDC Gateway Firewall Rules for VMware Site Recovery
Task 4Pair On-Premises with SDDC
Task 5Configure DR for Virtual Machines
Task 6Setup Replication
Task 7Run a Disaster Recovery Plan
Task 8Reprotect

Day 4

Lab 10 – DRaaS with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Lecture Material:  PDF PowerPoint

Task 1Connect an Existing SDDC to VCDR
Task 2Add and Configure a Protected Site
Task 3Review the Environment
Task 4Create a Protection Group
Task 5Create a DR Plan
Task 6Execute a Failover
Task 7Review the Recovered Virtual Machine