VMware Cloud Expert

Lab 9 - DR with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Lecture Material

Task 1

Connect an Existing SDDC to VCDR

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery leverages the VMware Cloud on AWS Recovery Software Defined Data Center (“SDDC”) as a disaster recovery site, which you can use if disaster strikes (or for testing) and you need to fail over your protected vCenter to the cloud. A new SDDC can be created from the VCDR Console for this purpose or you can Import an existing SDDC.

Task 2

Add and Configure a Protected Site

The VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery DRaaS Connector is a stateless software appliance that enables replicating VM snapshot deltas from “protected” vSphere sites (on-premises or VMware Cloud on AWS) to cloud backup sites, and back, driven by policies you set in protection groups.

Task 3

Review the Environment

In these sub-tasks we will review the Cloud Services console, the VMC on AWS SDDC environment and the On-Prem.

Task 4

Create a Protection Group

Protection groups allows you to create regularly scheduled snapshots of your VMs which replicate to a VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery cloud file system.

Task 5

Create a DR Plan

A DR Plan defines the orchestration configuration for disaster recovery and workload mobility. Plans run either for recovery as an actual DR plan operation, or they run as a test recovery, which performs all of the plan’s recovery operations in a test site for validation.

Task 6

Execute a Failover

When you run a DR Plan as a failover, a running instance of the plan recovery steps launches and the plan continues to completion, or until a pause for user input, or upon encountering an error (if configured).

Task 7

Review the Recovered Virtual Machine

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