VMware Cloud Expert

Lab 2 - Working with your SDDC

Lab Lecture Material

Task 1

Create a Logical Network

By default, all inbound firewall traffic into the SDDC is denied in VMware Cloud on AWS. In order to access vCenter from your Desktop/Laptop or any other external device, you will need to configure a firewall rule allowing inbound access. The Management Gateway (MGW) controls access to vCenter, the ESXi hosts and all other management components.

Task 2

Configure Firewall Rule for vCenter Access

You will now create and configure a network segment that will be used in Task 4 when you create your first two Virtual Machines in your SDDC NOTE: VMC Network Segments are backed by NSX-T Geneve Overlay Segments.

Task 3

Deploy Virtual Machines in VMC on AWS

In the vSphere client window already opened, you will deploy a Virtual Machine from a template in the content library. You’ll then clone the deployed Virtual Machine to create a second VM. In both cases you will use the Customization Specification you created in task 2 to modify the Operating System configuration.

Task 4

Visibility & Operations

In this task we will take a look at the activity log, we will also look at Log Insight Cloud for more details and logs.

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