VMware Cloud Expert

Lab 3 - SDDC Networking & Native AWS Integration

Lecture Material

Task 1

Allow Traffic Through the ENI

In this lab, you will configure service integration and consumption between the SDDC and AWS Connected VPC. We will use the web server VMs you created in the previous lab to consume services in AWS. We start by consuming an RDS database. We then have optional exercises where you’ll consume other services such as ELB, & NFS.

Task 2

Enable Public Internet Access to the PhotoAppVM

The PhotoAppVM (webserver01) currently has a private IP address (10.10.X.X) and thus not internet routable. to allow public internet access to the VM You’ll first need to request a Public IP address. After the public IP address is provisioned, you will configure NAT to direct traffic from the public IP address to the private IP address of the PhotoAppVM.

Task 3

AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) Integration

In this exercise, you will be able to integrate a VMware Cloud on AWS virtual machine to work in conjunction with a relational database running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) that has been previously set up on your behalf.

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