VMware Cloud Expert

Lab 4 - Integrating VMC on AWS with the On-Premises DC

Lab 4 and 5 Lecture Material

Task 1

Accessing the On-Premises Environment

In this lab we will acces the on premises environment with VDI.

Task 2

Restrict SDDC vCenter Access to the On-Premises Environment

In this task, we will modify the firewall rule to restrict the management of workloads running in VMC on AWS from your On-Premises lab environment only.

Task 3

Configure IPSec VPN

In this lab we are going to start with looking at the basic tasks you can perform in the VMware Cloud on AWS user interface when you are administering the platform. We’ll take a close look and discover, through a very intuitive interface, where you perform specific administrative tasks.

Task 4

Modify SDDC Firewall and Test VPN Connectivity

We will now confirm connectivity through the IPSec VPN tunnel. In doing this we must first create the required Firewall policy on the Compute and Management Gateways in the SDDC to allow incoming communications.

Task 5

Allow Access Between On-Premises and SDDC

In this lab task, we will adjust the Firewall setting on the Compute Gateway of the SDDC to allow communications.

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