VMware Cloud Expert

Lab 5 – Configure Hybrid Linked Mode

Lab 4 and 5 Lecture Material

Task 1

Review Cloud Gateway Appliance Settings

Hybrid Linked Mode allows you to link your VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter Server instance with an on-premises vCenter Single Sign-On domain. If you link your cloud vCenter Server to a domain that contains multiple vCenter Server instances linked using Enhanced Linked Mode, all of those instances are linked to your cloud SDDC.

Task 2

Create an HLM Admin Group

In this lab task, we will create a new Active Directory Group to map to HLM and the cloud admins VMC vCenter group.

Task 3

Allow Access Between On-Premises and SDDC

We will now configure Hybrid Linked mode by registering the On-Premises vCenter and SDDC vCenter to the Cloud gateway, we’ll also provide an Active Directory Group that will be assigned Cloud Admin Privileges.

Estimated Progress