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Lab 8 - HCX Deployment, Configuration, and Migration

Lab Lecture Material

Part 1

Task 1

Deploy HCX in the SDDC

Let’s begin with the HCX deployment on the Cloud Side.

Part 2

Task 1

Configure Access to the HCX from On-Premises

HCX has been successfully deployed in the cloud, let’s try configure access to it via the SDDC management Gateway. HCX like all management components (such as vCenter) are protected by the Management Gateway, and until an allow rule is put in place it will be inaccessible.

Task 2

Access HCX Cloud

Now, let’s try accessing HCX again. From the On-Prem Control Center, access your SDDC Console.

Task 3

Configure HCX On-Premises

Now that HCX has been deployed in the cloud the next step is to download the HCX appliance On-Premises, import it onto an ESXi host and configure it.

Part 3

Task 1

Network Extension and Migration with HCX

While the Service mesh is deployed, we’ll move our attention to readying the Planespotter app for Migration. This app includes 4 Virtual machines on the Network segment All of the VMs are connected to the Planespotter-seg NSX-T Overlay segment. The segment is currently not connected to the Shinobi-T1 Gateway. As the 3-Tier app web-seg also uses the segment.

Task 2

Replicated Assisted vMotion

VMware HCX Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV) uses the HCX Interconnect appliance along with replication and vMotion technologies to provide large scale, parallel migrations with zero downtime.

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