VMware Cloud Expert

Additional Lab - Site Recovery in VMware Cloud on AWS

Lab Lecture Material

Task 1

Activate Site Recovery Add-on

VMware Site Recover is a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that helps you to plan, test, and run the recovery of virtual machines between a protected vCenter Server on-premises site and a recovery vCenter Server site on VMware Cloud on AWS and the reverse.

Task 2

Configure the On-Premises vSphere Replication and Site Recovery Manager

As mentioned in the previous task, the on-premises appliances have already been deployed. In this task we will review and modify the configuration.

Task 3

Create SDDC Gateway Firewall Rules for VMware Site Recovery

We will now create the required firewall rules to allow pairing of the On-Prem and SDDC Site Recovery Managers and allow the vSphere Replication appliances to replicate VM content between the sites.

Task 4

Pair On-Premises with SDDC

We will now Pair the On-Premises SRM instance with the instance deployed in the SDDC. Once SRM has been deployed and configured in both the Protected and recovery site(s). You must first configure pairing between these sites before you can start protecting and ultimately failing over VMs for one site to the other.

Task 5

Configure DR for Virtual Machines

Now that we have successfully deployed and configured the SRM infrastructure components, Configured firewall rules to allow communications between the On-Premises appliances and SDDC appliance, and completed the site pairing, we can now begin the process of protecting your Virtual Machines.

Task 6

Setup Replication

VMware Site recovery Service uses vSphere Replication to copy VMs from the protected site to the recovery site. With vSphere Replication independent replication policies can be defined per Virtual Machine. In this task we will configure replication for a single Virtual machine.

Task 7

Run a Disaster Recovery Plan

Now we can run a disaster recovery plan.

Task 8


After a recovery, the recovery site becomes the primary site, but the virtual machines are not protected yet. If the original protected site is operational, you can reverse the direction of protection to use the original protected site as a new recovery site to protect the new protected site.