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VMC Networking with VMware Transit Connect and AWS Transit Gateway

Are you looking to streamline your organization’s networking connectivity and reduce complexity in your VMC on AWS environment? Join us for our upcoming webinar on VMC on AWS Networking with VMware Transit Connect and AWS Transit Gateway to discover how you can achieve just that!

During the session, our expert speakers will dive deep into VMware Transit Connect, a highly scalable and flexible networking solution that enables seamless connectivity between SDDCs and AWS VPCs regardless of AWS Region, as well as on-premises environments. You’ll gain insights into common architecture patterns, configuration, and troubleshooting to help you optimize your networking connectivity and management.

We’ll also cover the simplicity of connecting VMC on AWS to on-prem and AWS native networks, highlighting the benefits of streamlining network management across multiple environments.

To top it off, we’ll provide a live demonstration of VMware Transit Connect in action, giving you a first- hand look at its ease of use and the benefits it brings to networking connectivity in VMC on AWS.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from our experts and gain insights into how VMware Transit Connect can help you simplify your networking connectivity in VMC on AWS. Register now and secure your spot for the webinar.

Upcoming Webinar(s)

  • Tuesday, 04/19, 1pm ET (10am PT), 30 mins

Speaker Bio

Brian Trainor

Staff Cloud Solutions Architect

Brian is an experienced IT professional with over 15 years of expertise in VMware products. He has worked for a diverse range of companies across the spectrum of customer, partner, service provider, and vendor. He spent many years on the front lines managing operations and engineering on-premises solutions before jumping into cloud architecture working with customers at AWS, and most recently joining VMware as a Staff Cloud Solutions Architect. Throughout his career, Brian has cultivated a deep passion for learning and helping customers succeed with the latest technologies.